About Me

I am a Tech Lead for the survey infrastructure team at Civis Analytics in Chicago, with a background in data science. I manage a cross-functional team of data scientists and software engineers, building software to automate the orchestration and analysis of survey data. Our survey infrastructure incorporates best practices in survey weighting, representative quotas, message testing, and identifying bad survey takers. I bring a software design mentality to data science problems, and focus on converting ad-hoc analyses into production code. I received my doctorate in Ecology and Evolution at the University of Chicago in 2017, where I studied complex ecological network structure.

Outside of the office, I play board games, cook, read obsessively, and can sometimes be found upside-down on a trapeze bar.

When I was in grad school, I spent a summer at a programming retreat called the Recurse Center. It’s where I really learned to love thinking like a programmer, and it’s an amazing community. Take a look!

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